"This conference will have you going home, cleaning your mind, closets and lives."



Born June 1st, 1976 in Buffalo, New York to a pimp for a father, and a prostitute for a mother, society had pretty much predestined the purpose of Chinaza Duson. Poverty fostered an environment of addiction, misguidance, molestation, rape, and hopelessness. Old time tradition incited a clandestine response to abuse. Some may know this story all too well, but what makes this story exceptional, is that through despair and the inability to verbalize, EVENTUALLY, Chinaza Duson regenerated into an assertive spokeswoman who found her voice within herself… but there was a process.


When we are silenced, it can thrust us into a place of obscurity, so; not certain who she was, but certain that she would not become her environment, Chinaza joined the United States Marine Corps where she served a five-year term. She then pushed on and became the first in her family’s name to achieve a higher education by obtaining her Masters in Business Administration.

Her undeniable drive and determination lead her to become an internal analyst within the Department of the Secretary of Defense, shortly afterward, she merited a competitive position within the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aviation Security Specialist. During her season as a Human Resource Executive for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Chinaza was featured as one of the top 40 under 40 in the Mass Transit Magazine. However, throughout all her accomplishments, accolades, and success, she still hadn’t found her purpose.


In 2010, just as astonishingly, and swiftly came her success, so did her demise. Without cause, she was laid off from her lucrative position, Her means incapable of supporting the way of life she worked so hard for, Chinaza found herself right back into a place of destitute, but it was here at her lowest, vulnerable point; no longer a child, but a mother with children depending on her as their provider; where she was able to hear the purpose of the call on her life.

In searching herself and finding her inner voice Chinaza was able to identify all the generational curses in her life, the lingering darkness which somehow was able to resurface even after all the triumphs. There within herself, she discovered she was predestined to overcome her adversities as a testament to women from all cultures, backgrounds, and aliments of life, that there is life after what seems like emotional death.


Today, Chinaza is a well sought after motivational speaker, author, teacher, and professional network marketing guru. Her book, She Speaks: The Intimate Memories of Chinaza Duson, depicts what some would title a Cinderella story, but much accurately mirrored to the one of the mythological Pheonix.


Ranking in the top 1% amongst network marketing professionals, after only a period of five years, Chinaza is currently the highest paid female earner within her field, in addition to being selected as Vice President of Strategic Corporate Development. Chinaza is the Founder of SheSpeaks Worldwide, a women’s empowerment movement, encouraging broken, voiceless women to deal head-on with the bones in their spiritual closets and cultivate the seeds God has already sown in their lives. The launch of SheCan University in 2016 will generate accessible, online, virtual self-help and life coaching courses, designed for women ages 16 and up to access their strengths and establish entrepreneurship.


Chinaza's non-profit, SheSpeaks Worldwide Foundation (www.shespeaksfoundation.org), and her partnership with The Black Wall Street Tour, which focuses on African American youth in particular, encouraging them to become young enterprising entrepreneurs, and Walk a Mile in HER Shoes which promotes breast cancer awareness demonstrates her efforts as a humanitarian, conveying the core of her primary calling.

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