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What is SheSpeaks?

SheSpeaksGlobal™ "The Experience," is a unique blend of empowering, inspirational messages, training and practical applications, designed to transform the lives of women mentally, spiritually and financially! SheSpeaksGlobal™ believes in personal empowerment followed by resourceful applications. We intend to make lasting changes on every woman's life that will impact her family, community and her as a woman, holistically. This goal is accomplished through providing relevant and personalized experiences along with the necessary tools to help women make better choices and find their truest voice.
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The Sponsorship & Advertising Experience

SheSpeaksGlobal™ will provide you with a premier opportunity to showcase your business, fashion, lifestyle, inspirational and holistic print and multimedia products and services as well as interact face-to-face with over 200-300 conference attendees! We’ve ditched the cookie cutter motivational rhetoric and created a full weekend of authentic events that help you connect and collaborate with an audience of extraordinary women who are looking for the best in their professional and personal lives.

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